Video for Businessess

We look at how much people engage with the brand besides the video ad it self. It all comes down to conversions!

The Process

As video usage increases by the day, many organisations and individuals use it as a main tactic to approach customers or fans! Is now the 6th most popular content marketing tactic as 70% of Business 2 Business marketers use some form of online video in their strategy. Statistics prove that websites which use a video have increased average user time and increase click-through rates.

In a video you can say more in less by having higher viewer retention. Discuss with us today the possibility of developing a video for your brand.


need an animated explainer video?

Explainer Videos

What a better way than increase conversion rates than the use of an explainer video. Studies show an increase close to 75%, as people's desire increases after leaning more about the product. Basically an explainer video is an online video that supplements textual information in audio-visual form. Most videos will range from one to three minutes, according to the degree of complexity and the requirements of the product. The end game is a user friendly and fast learning experience for the audience.

Whiteboard Animations

Your audience wants video and the numbers are showing it. When the average viewer watches 200 hours of video each year, is no wonder why everyone is investing in video! Whiteboard animation is a process where a story is drawn on a whiteboard by an artists. This process is recorded and illustrated in a video format.

Instead of giving your visitors the content, you have the capability of showing what you want, as you want to, usually under 60 seconds. This is enough time to give them what they need to make the right choice!

Animated Commercials

An animated commercial can be anything from a TV ad, to a online advertisement, or even a animated explanatory ad of a product. The use of it for your online presence could act as a booster, using social media and the web in general to pass on the message like gossip.