Increasingly, the mass marketing is turning
into a mass of niches.

The eConsulting Process

Consultation on matters of the online community is an organic attempt to keep pace with the superhighway technological progress of today’s community. Our commitment is to report and conclude, analyse and consult, on areas targeted by either our or your marketing efforts.

Organisations which own in-house online marketing teams require our continuing support and advice as to setting a strategy in motion, ensuring that the strategy is followed correctly and updated accordingly.

Based on our knowledge, experience and ongoing training, you can rest free that we will inform you and advice you on new trends to follow.

Analytics / Web Traffic

Analytics eConsulting is an investment opportunity for every site manager, owner or marketeer of an organisation looking to understand the numbers, traffic, behaviour and all else that actually matters. Our team issues reports, presents and explains them to your team, so as to collect the actual meaning of the web traffic and set future goals with an out-of-the-box internet strategy. Remember, is not just numbers, but a toolkit to understand your visitors!

Competitors Analysis

There is nearly not a thing sold without competition. Is not necessarily a bad thing, unless you decide to ignore it. In the online society, competitors analysis may be a daily routine, especially over sensitive issues as product pricing. Our job, is to analyse the deepest points of interest, that affects your online presence. Looking deep into your competitors eMarketing presence, we can develop our own strategy to outrank competition rankings and traffic.

Brand Protection - Intelectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is about far more than just Patents. There are four main types of IP rights which you can use to protect your inventions or creations. We now also offer protection of your Domain Name!

Ranking Analysis

This process is what matters most for some companies. Some "key products" are sold by having a high-end position on Google search results. This position or ranking, is what makes a difference in traffic count and sells. Frequent analysis of the rankings helps marketeers identify opportunities. With localisation in search, where different results appear at different areas, some industries have set a different focus over the pat few years. We will advice you if this applies for your product!

Information Security / Assurance

Defending and assuring that our data will not be lost or stolen is a major importance in the current digital world we are living. We currently offer Consultation for the below: