We build clear, functional, original websites & online applications

Web Theoria

We are a creative team of online media professionals who, as a collective, put our knowledge and experience towards the development of high-end media.

All three departments within the company are operated by specialists in their field. Our combined wealth of skills and experience allow us to design and develop unique, cutting edge, customised websites. These three areas are what we call the "triangle of success"!

Our Beliefs

Our team strives for simplicity. It is the more complex thing to do, but nonetheless frequently the most sophisticated option. It's also a key requirement for a successful website.

Our team strives to create the ultimate user experience. We design sites that feature a clear, concise flow of logic wrapped in a beautiful, pixel perfect design.

Our team strives to develop effective websites that deliver real business results - the ability to produce profits, increase market share and drive company towards growth.

Our Story

The founder and creative director of Web Theoria had the vision of an established organisation offering unique and bespoke designs for selective visionaries of the online community. This idea was completed with the two additional elements required to do this work! A senior developer and specialist internet marketeer could complete the triangle and take Web Theoria to the next stage.

Our continuous efforts to stay on top of new trends and technologies makes us stronger and more competitive in the market. We currently have customers in five different countries and are targeting to expand our services.