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Web Theoria Ltd
Ymittou 3 Street,
Larnaca 7101, Cyprus
P.O. Box 42213

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T. +357 24534996 F. +357 24821119

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Office Location CY

Web Theoria Ltd
Ymittou 3 Street,
Larnaca 7101, Cyprus
P.O. Box 42213

Office Location UK

4 Coniscliffe Rd,
Palmers Green
London N13 5NW,

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1. Do I really need a website, and what would it do for me?

A website can reach millions of people that might not be available to you without one. Think of a website as a store front on a global scale, which is open 24/7, 365 days a year. Your clients can view your products and/or services, or whatever you want to share with them, from the very comfort of their home or office at their own time. Your custom designed website empowers your current clients and maximises the chances of having new ones for the future. Yes, a website can help every business to grow and make money online.

2. Does it really matter if my website looks dated? Surely it's the information that's important.

Think of a website as your front shop display. This can be an actual display, a product design, a leaflet or a business card. There is always something that gives away a first impression to an existing client or a potential client. A website in some areas could be the first things a potential customer will come across. An outdated, and sometimes non-functional, website may drive away potential visitors and clients. You are marketing to an international market, this is why is important to show your best.

3. My business is small and/or not computer related, what will a website do for me?

This is a common approach and misconception. Many people overlook the various products, services and processes they can include on a website. It could have tools that help to make your business more efficient in terms of communication and interaction. It can help visitors clearly identify your products and/or services by visiting your catalogue page. They can forward the link of the page or return at any time. In general, your business will save money and time, while appealing to a much greater audience.

4. Can you host/upload my website?

Yes, we provide complete hosting facilities. We are currently providing basic and advanced hosting packages, depending on your marketing perspectives. We have a number of dedicated web servers, email servers and DNS servers to handle all your requirements. Our more advanced custom settings include multipoint-failover and geo-targeting. We currently use servers in three continents, to accommodate the needs of our customers and their websites.

5. Can you provide email accounts?

Yes, we can offer you professional POP3 and IMAP email and webmail accounts that work seamlessly with your own domain name.

6. How much will my website cost?

All our websites are custom built for the job required to perform. We will listen to all your requirements, advise you on those requirements before finalising the project objectives before issuing the proposal. We work hard to meet our clients objectives on the desired deadline. We endeavour to be extremely competitive in all our projects and services.

If you have any questions please ask us. You can always call and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly team
on +357 24534996.