Other Services

Web Theoria is a full service agency that will do whatever it takes to grow your online business.

IP Telephony / VOIP

VOIP is a technology which has gained an increasing popularity in recent years due to the plethora of advantages it offers.

Our IP Telephony systems offers a range from locally installed hardware and software solutions as well as hosted solutions with low up-front investment and monthly payments. We currently provide a full range of VoIP solutions which are ideal for businesses looking to implement a reliable and advanced telephone system.

Bulk SMS

In Europe, billions of marketing oriented SMS are sent each year. If you are not in on it, then you should be. Many households will not open their letter box for days, will delete or ignore emails, will not browse the web or the social media, but will definitely check their mobile phone when they receive a message.

Online, secure Bulk SMS delivered by Web Theoria, will help you contact clients or potential customers within minutes, at any time and any place without the need of internet access.

Send your marketing campaign for as little as 1 cent per message. If you require assistance contact us today!


Translations, Proof
Reading & Copyrighting

Page proof is usually the last chance to see everything everything, this includes words, footnotes, images, graphs, tables. After proofreading everything using care, judgement, skills, knowldege and experience and marks amendments and advising the client of problems, all with the aim of optimising the rend result while minimizing cost and delay.