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The making of Leptos Estates! A Web Theoria

Responsive Website Design & Development

For the second consecutive time, Web Theoria has been the Web Agency of choice for the Leptos Estates Real Estate Company – the island’s leading property developers.

Collaborating with Leptos Estates is both exiting and an honour for us. Working with a company of this level and calibre always brings the best out of you due to the high stakes / high demands involved.

The Beginning

The previous website pictured on the right, was developed back in 2011 featuring cutting-edge technology and functionality for the time. But as time progresses, technology does as well, in fact even more so, thus the need for a brand new website surfaced. A new website that would feature a responsive design, enhanced social media integration, cover the latest SEO guidelines and look fresh and modern whilst offering an enhanced user experience.

The design orientation of the new website had to be based on a blank canvas – be completely free. We had to design a website like no other, a custom website reflecting on the brand identity of Leptos Estates. Several design directions were introduced that in collaboration with Leptos Estates, were streamlined taking the final form that may be seen live today. This included the design of many different templates in order to accommodate the substantial amount of content published as well as the vast number of Projects / Properties available.

This has been one of the most technically challenging projects we have been involved with so far, especially in regards to the custom Property Management System seamlessly working alongside the custom CMS developed, to fully accommodate and even surpass the specific needs set forth by the Leptos Estates Marketing Team.

Customization is everything

The CMS is also completely custom-designed, featuring enhanced security and speed. Only the elements necessary are available making possible changes on the website look like child’s play. It is expandable too, meaning that whenever a new functionality is required, it may be added making it future-proof.

Quality traffic is what makes the difference

Our internet marketing team has also been stressed to its limits trying to further enhance the customer experience of the website as well as enhance global search engine rankings.

Every colour, every button and every tab matters. The placement of the entire content on each individual webpage matters. Photos, videos, maps, diagrams as well as tables should be placed exactly at the right place within each page. Everything should be streamlined offering the best user experience, guiding the visitor to the content they are looking for, prompting the visitor at the same time to make a connection with Leptos Estates.

Landing Pages are the present and future

In fact, we wanted to consider every single page as a landing page. Each and every page should make Leptos Estates proud, offering the customer a glimpse of the company, its properties as well as its values and ideals. We made sure that individual Search Engine queries would lead to purpose-specific designed pages within the website featuring / covering the query of the visitor in full, providing detailed further steps to be taken should this be necessary, offering the possibility of direct assistance from Leptos Estates personnel.

The very latest SEO guidelines were taken into account whilst designing this website. Both the general design of the website as well as its CMS features all of the necessary tools to make this website a Search Engine Success. Leptos Estates is ranking physically high within the Cypriot Real Estate sector – the same should go for their website!

European Permanent Residency as well as European / Cyprus Citizenship are two major driving factors for investment by customers originating from countries outside the European Union. For this specific reason, we opted not only to feature these two schemes on a prominent position within the home page, but to also develop two purpose-specific pages for these exact two schemes in order to provide visitors with more details as well as a course of action.

Head Office : Leptos Estates

111, Apostolou Pavlou Ave,
CY-8046, P.O.Box 60146,
CY-8129, Paphos, Cyprus
T:(+357) 26880120
Free Phone in CY: 8000 07 07

Visit Leptos Estates New Website: www.leptosestates.com